How Spot Works Infographic:
    Remember! Don't include personal information like your name or phone number. Spot doesn't need it.

The use of "this website/site" above and below reference the site linking to this page to describe the relationship between their user's data and Spot. That is, if for example, links to this page as an explanation of what Spot does with your data, then "this site" is understood to be

In order to help identify if you have a legal problem, SPOT reads the following information:

After SPOT identifies your most-likely legal issue, it does not keep or store any of the text you submitted.

To use SPOT, we do not need, nor do we request personally identifiable information.

SPOT is funded by foundational support and run by Suffolk University Law School's Legal Innovation and Technology (LIT) Lab. The LIT Lab is a non-profit, and Spot's primary aim is to provide AI-powered issue-spotting to non-profit and government organizations at no cost.